Under what circumstances can Double Face Presswood Pallet be used


Today Qingdao Senyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the conditions under which Double Face Presswood Pallet can be used.
For large-area horizontal transportation, single-sided pallets are suitable for manual hydraulic pallet trucks. If the goods need to be stacked, the bottom of the pallet overlaps with the top of the goods below, and the style, material and weight of the pallet are key influencing elements. Therefore, it can only be said if the style and material of the fumigated double-sided wooden pallet are the same. The greater the load-bearing weight, the better its quality. The fork-in direction is two-way fork-in. Use double-sided wooden pallets; the upper and lower sides have the same plank, and either side can be used for stacking goods, and the double-sided plank flat pallets with the same load-bearing capacity are called double-sided wooden pallets. Double Face Presswood Pallet is your perfect choice!
Double Face Presswood Pallet is generally used for warehouse turnover, it is strong, economical and durable, and is also a good choice for warehouse turnover and delivery; it has a good preservation effect on products; the transportation of double-sided wooden pallets can increase the stability of the container inside and outside. Damage to the product. It can also reduce the risk of goods being returned due to damage to the goods. Conducive to cargo loading and unloading: double-sided wooden pallets can be transported in a way that multiple small pieces form large pieces. The overall transportation increases the loading and unloading speed and reduces labor costs.
Fumigation-free double-sided wooden pallets are made of plywood, which is mainly formed by restricting various wood sapwood after high temperature sterilization. It can effectively and directly maintain the ecological environment. It requires professional experience and advanced wood processing equipment. The quality management system and strict work style are supported by modern processing methods. Maintain high-quality products and strictly select materials to ensure the quality of non-fumigation double-sided wooden pallets. At the same time, it can effectively control the expansion of wood, make the product structure more stable, and can adapt to different climatic conditions after use.