The use of wasted wood pallet


1、 Tools to be prepared for compressed wood pallet: painting (optional), potted soil, plants, hammer, wooden tray, screws. Step 1. Remove the tray and nails. If you want to make the tray into a flower bed, you need to remove some nails and disassemble the board, but don't remove all the nails and destroy the whole structure.

Step 2: the cutting tray needs to be cut with a saw. Here is the model of cutting into a cube, and the cutting proportion is easy to control. Of course, it is necessary to pre select the line with a pencil and make a good plan before cutting.

Step 3: the structure of the bottom of the binding flower bed can be completed first, and then the frames on the four sides can be improved. Do not let the wood board directly contact the floor. Use wooden strips to pad up and leave gaps, so as to ensure the drainage of the container.

Step 4: complete the flower bed making. This flower bed with simple structure is still very easy. It can be completed only with a little carpentry foundation, and there is no need to buy redundant wood plates. It is a very practical flower bed and can even be used as a compost box.

Step 5. Put a waterproof film on it to make the wooden flower bed use longer. We need to put a layer of waterproof plastic film on the bottom and wear-resistant plastic cloth on the four sides, so as to protect the flower bed and prevent decay.

Step 6: plant plants. The last step is to plant plants. You can poke several drainage holes at the bottom and pad some light ceramsite, so as to ensure the good drainage of the flower bed. Planting strawberries is a good choice.