The classification of the compressed wood pallet


1、 Air wooden pallet. Wooden pallets for air cargo or baggage check-in are generally made of aluminum alloy. In order to adapt to the restrictions of various aircraft cargo n and doors, they are generally made into flat pallets, and the items on the pallets are fixed with network covers.

2、 Flat glass container wooden pallet. Also known as flat glass assembly rack. The tray can support and fix the vertically placed flat glass. During shipment, the flat glass is placed along the transportation direction to maintain the stability of the pallet load.

3、 Special wooden pallet for oil drum. The special-shaped flat tray is specially used to transport standard oil drums. The tray is of double-sided type. Both sides are provided with corrugated surface or side baffle to stabilize the oil drum. The oil drum is lying on the tray. Due to the action of corrugated groove or baffle, there will be no rolling displacement. At the same time, it can also be stacked in several layers, which solves the difficulty of barrel objects being difficult to stack high, and also facilitates storage.

4、 Shelf type wooden pallet. Its structural feature is a frame shaped tray. The front dimension of the frame is slightly wider than that of the flat tray to ensure that the tray can be placed in the rack, and the depth of the rack is wider than that of the wooden tray to ensure that the tray can be placed on the rack. There are four legs at the lower part of the rack, forming the space for forklift to enter the fork. The stack height combination of rack type pallets becomes a pallet shelf, which can carry the pallet goods to people for placement. This rack tray is also a kind of wooden tray shelf, which is an integration of shelf and tray.

5、 Long size wooden pallet. Wooden pallets are specially used for loading long-size materials. After stacked high, these pallets become assembled long-size shelves.

6、 Wooden pallet for tire. The tire itself has certain water resistance and corrosion resistance, so it does not need to be sealed in the logistics process, and it is very light. It can not give full play to the load capacity of the container when it is loaded in the container. The main problem is that it is afraid of pressure and extrusion during storage and transportation. Using pallet is a good choice.