Precautions for the use of wooden pallets


In the process of using wooden pallets in the factory, mastering the correct operation method can not only extend the service life of wooden pallets to a certain extent, but also exert the effect of wooden pallets to a large extent and reduce the logistics cost of enterprises. Today, let’s take a look at what aspects will affect the service life of wooden pallets?

1. Overload
In the process of cargo turnover of the forklift, attention should be paid to the extra load of the pallet. Generally speaking, the additional dynamic load of wooden pallets shall not exceed 2 tons. In the palletizing application, in order to improve work efficiency, some operators pick up the palletized goods directly from the bottom pallet. The dynamic load of the bottom pallet is doubled, resulting in damage to the bottom wooden pallet. Practice has proved that overloading is the direct culprit in reducing the number of pallets used.

2. Weather
When using wooden pallets, avoid the sun and rain as much as possible, and store them outdoors for a long time. Keep them well ventilated and cover them with tarpaulins. And check regularly to prevent the pallets from becoming moldy and rotting due to moisture on the surface of the wooden boards.

3. driving forklift personnel
When wooden pallets work with hydraulic forklifts or mechanical forklifts to circulate goods, the spacing of the fork teeth should be adjusted to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the pallet as much as possible. During the turnover, the pallet will not be broken or damaged due to insufficient fork length. When using wooden pallets, hydraulic forklifts and mechanical forklifts should keep moving forward and backward and up and down at a constant speed as far as possible during the forklift, backwards, and turnover of goods, so as to avoid sudden brakes and sudden rotations that may damage the pallets and cause the goods to collapse. When wooden pallets are used with shelves, keep the pallets stable on the beams of the storage shelves, and the length of the pallets should be greater than the outer diameter of the beams by more than 50mm. Make the pallet goods placed on the shelf steadily and safely.