The advantages of fumigation-free pallets


Fumigation-free pallets(compressed wood pallets)are better than traditional wooden pallets. The fumigation-free pallet is selected from Scenix pallet, the product price is reasonable, the quality is reliable, and the product price is reasonable.

Compared with wooden pallets, fumigation-free pallets(presswood pallets) have the following characteristics:

1. Exports are free of fumigation, no disinfection, visa-free, and convenient entry and exit;
2. According to the manufacturer of fumigation-free pallets, the product has a more beautiful appearance, high pressure resistance, strong load-bearing capacity, and is better than wooden pallets.
3. It can prevent the shortcomings of wood knots, insects, color difference and excessive humidity of traditional wood pallets.
4. Good waterproof performance, simple production process and low cost;
5, fumigation-free pallets can replace wooden pallets with strong adaptability.