The necessity of using wooden pallets


1. The product preservation effect is very good: the transportation of wooden pallets can increase the stability of the inner and outer boxes of the container and reduce the damage of the product. It can also reduce the risk of goods being returned due to damage to the goods.

2. Conducive to cargo loading and unloading: the pallet can be transported in a way that multiple small pieces form a large piece.
Overall transportation increases the speed of loading and unloading and reduces labor costs

3. Speed up the efficiency of cargo turnover: transfer and transport in pallet mode, convenient product loading and unloading,
The turnover rate of containers can quickly deliver goods to customers, speeding up the trade.

4. Reduce personnel accidents: Pallet loading can avoid injuries caused by manual loading of goods.

Therefore, it is stipulated that goods with an outer box of 25 kg or more must be transported on pallets.