How to prevent mildew on wooden pallets


The main processing methods to prevent mildew on wooden pallets in the industry at present:
1. Drying: This method can solve most of the problems, but the cost is expensive, and it is easy to cause cracks in the wood, but for special purposes such as sealing bags
If the warehouse has high humidity, it will no longer work in the hot and humid environment at sea when exporting. Air drying (natural drying) is low cost, but it takes a long time.
2. Fumigation: This method is mainly aimed at killing insects on exported wooden packaging, and the validity period is relatively short. Many mistakenly think it is anti-mold, but in fact, it can prevent and control mold
3. Heat treatment: Special equipment is required, and the treatment cost is high, which can reduce the moisture content in the wood, but it cannot solve the fundamental problem.
4. Anti-corrosion: This method is mainly for the treatment of landscape wood or furniture wood for outdoor applications. Commonly used syrups are ACQ and CCA, etc., using vacuum high pressure method
When water hits the wood, it usually penetrates thickly, mainly for preventing insects and killing bacteria, etc., but its effect on mold is not very good. It is often seen that the wood is moldy everywhere in the landscape.
5. Anti-mould: Use professional wood anti-mould agent to treat it, which can be treated by quick soaking or spraying, but the cost of anti-mould agent is very high, and
It is easy to cause injury and pollution to the operator and the working environment.
6. Moisture-proof agent: Nowadays, container desiccant (container desiccant) is commonly used in the world to prevent moisture. In order to prevent moisture from infiltrating, you can use the strongest moisture-absorbing chlorination agent.

Calcium desiccant should be placed in the container. Secondly, before packing, check whether the container has been washed with water and whether it has been dried.