How to choose a wooden pallet is more reasonable?


Many countries now require fumigation and insecticide treatment for packaging materials used in imported goods, which is equivalent to increasing export costs. Wooden pallets used for export should try to choose simple fumigation-free pallets.

Then see if the pallet is on the shelf. The pallets used for rack stacking should be wooden pallets with strong rigidity, not easy to deform, and large dynamic load; such as wooden pallets with hard woods with hard wood.

Furthermore, the tray is selected according to the temperature. The cargo carried has special requirements for the material of wooden pallets. Sometimes the goods carried by the pallet are corrosive or the goods carried require a higher degree of cleanliness. It is necessary to choose a plastic pallet with strong corrosion resistance or a plastic-wood composite pallet.

The cleanliness of the use environment. Consider the degree of contamination of the pallet by the environment in which it is used. In a highly polluted environment, you must choose a pallet that is resistant to pollution and easy to clean. Such as plastic pallets, wooden pallets, etc.