New Technology of Compressed Wood Pallet


Compressed wood pallets are one of the most common products in particleboard molded products. It is mainly used for the transportation and storage of goods such as docks, freight yards, warehouses, workshops, shopping malls, etc. Since the performance of pallets mainly depends on the raw materials and pallet structure, when purchasing molded pallets, you usually need to understand the following points:

1. Raw materials: most plastic pallets use pp (polypropylene) or hdpe (low pressure high density polyethylene) as the main raw materials, and the pallet performance has good impact resistance;
2. The advantages of the tray: safety, durability, long life; non-water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean; diverse structure, wide application range, recyclable;
3, the shortcomings of the pallet: low bending strength, not easy to deform, not easy to restore, such as the load capacity is much smaller than the wooden pallet;
4. Pallet reinforcement: by injecting gas into the material to form evenly distributed small bubbles or pre-embedded steel pipes, the rigidity and bending strength of the molded pallet are improved.
The weight of our presswood pallet is from 10 kg to 20 kg, and the power load capacity is from 250 kg to 1500 kg. If you want to buy compressed wood pallets, you can contact SCENIX PALLET.