Attentions to in the logistics transportation of palletized cargoes?


What details should be paid attention to in the logistics transportation of palletized cargoes?

Let's understand what matters should be paid attention to in the air logistics consignment of pallet cargo.

Pallet goods are generally in some high value products. Like the picture to the logistics of the pallet of light cats, set-top boxes. And so on similar goods, in the air logistics transport, the purpose of playing the pallet is to reduce some damage and deformation of the goods in the transit process. We recommend that the pallet is attached to the magic plus lamination plus corner protection, so that in transit, the first goods will not be wet, the second goods in the bagging will not be strangled deformation. So that in the air logistics transport, the operation of the pallet cargo must be according to the picture in terms of packaging reinforcement, so as to ensure that the transport will not be broken. Mechanical operation can better guarantee the safe, stable and effective transportation of goods. You need quality compressed wood pallet.

Although the pallet is only a small apparatus, but in terms of size, it is the core of the size of the assembly unit, packaging size, carriage size. As an important equipment for loading, unloading, storage and transportation in the process of logistics operation, pallet plays a great role in modern logistics with forklift. The benefits it brings to the modern logistics industry are mainly reflected in: realizing the unitization, standardization and standardization of goods packaging, protecting goods, and facilitating logistics and business flow. However, we can't help but have some problems in the process of using pallets? So, what problems exist in the process of using pallets? How to protect the goods in the process of using pallets? Here are some of the measures and methods provided by Scenix for major companies to learn from.
How to protect the safety of goods in the process of using pallets?

The protection methods of pallets in the process of long and short transport.
Short-haul transportation: This is assuming that in the case of good road conditions, the short-haul only needs to ensure that the entire logistics pallet is basically fixed in position.
Long-haul transport: reasonable protection measures must be used so that the position of the entire logistics pallet can be closely fixed, thus Scenix recommends three measures, namely the following.
Measure one, carriage: delivery carriage can generally use sponge body, elastic bundle rope and other protection methods for protection, so that the method can make the logistics pallet and the box body between the formation of buffer, so that the whole logistics pallet in the form of volume body relatively fixed.
Measure two, rope body winding: we can carry out auxiliary tool rope body winding in the uppermost layer, so that the high-level products can be fixed, so as to avoid the shaking brought about by the high center of gravity.
Measure three, strapping and adding protective plate: we can use strapping as a whole for semi-automatic strapping, but also need to add paper protective plate along the upper edge of the product in contact with the strapping, so as to avoid the strapping in the shaking damage to the box.
Excluding the above problems, pallets still have strong competition in the storage industry, and Scenix is confident that the above three problems with our compressed wood pallet. Finally, Scenix reminds our customers that they need to be careful when purchasing pallets, especially in the purchase of plastic pallets, and must choose a trustworthy shelf manufacturer to avoid buying recycled and reshaped products. We produce quality pressed wood pallet.