Precautions for compressed wood pallet designing


Today, the editor will tell you what are the precautions when designing SCENIX compressed wood pallets. Interested friends can take a look with the editor!

1. The processability of compressed wood pallets is very important, so special attention should be paid to the structure and material selection of compressed wood pallets.
2. When designing, we must pay attention to the convenience of handling, so when designing, we must leave a place to hold hands and design a sliding wood at the bottom of the box. This is more conducive to dragging.
3. It should be considered that the presswood pallet must have the common functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention, and rust prevention.
4. Appearance is also important. What needs special attention is the reasonable combination of colors and patterns.
5. In terms of price, try to reduce the cost without affecting the quality and performance.
6. The surface of the compressed wood pallet must have a certain degree of hardness, so that you will not be afraid of bumping during transportation.
7. The manufacturer, production date and product model must be written on the packaging paper.