The origin and features of compressed wood pallet


Fumigation-free compressed wooden pallets originated in Europe in the 1970s and are now very popular molded pallets. They do not require inspection, fumigation-free, pest-free, and direct export, which is very convenient.

Regarding the advantages of non-fumigation wooden pallets
(1) The water content of the tray is low, generally controlled between 6% and 8%, and the tray will not absorb moisture or deform during use. 
(2) Round corners around the design during packaging and transportation to prevent product damage. It can realize automatic bundling and save working time. 
(3) It can be stacked into several pallets; 50 pallets are about 7 feet high. The static load is 10 times the dynamic load, and the pallet can be scooped out from all sides by the bucket
(4) The compressed wooden pallets is an environmentally friendly product, which can realize recycling, recycling, reuse, and low pollution, with a recovery rate of 100%. 
(5) The number of pallets is the same, which saves 3/4 of the space than ordinary wooden pallets. The scraper can carry 60 pallets at a time, while ordinary wooden pallets can only carry 18-20 at a time. 
(6) The export is free of fumigation, disinfection, and visa, and entry and exit are convenient and quick.
(7) Compared with wooden pallets, the product has beautiful appearance, high pressure resistance and high load-bearing capacity.
(8) It can effectively avoid the shortcomings of traditional wooden pallets such as wood knots, insects, color difference and high humidity.
(9) Good waterproof performance, simple production process and low cost. (10) The compressed wooden pallets can replace wooden pallets and has strong adaptability.