What is unique about the production process of Pressed wood Pallet?


Compression molding refers to hot press molding: mainly for thermoplastic materials (sheets), using a hot press molding machine, and blister molding I think it should also be a branch of hot press molding, which uses vacuum or high-pressure gas assistance.Pressed wood Pallet is your good choice. The hot-pressed plate has a relatively small forming depth, a relatively simple structure, and low-precision products, such as plastic trays for packaging materials, plates in tableware, and the like. There are also formed sheets that are often press-formed (laminated). Compression molding: mainly used for thermosetting resins. There are special compression molding machines. The molding pressure is much greater than the above. The mold structure is also more complicated. It can be used to form products with complex structures. The principle is similar to injection molding, one for thermosetting, heating and cooling in the mold, and one for thermoplastic, heating in the barrel, and cooling in the mold.Qingdao Senyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. produces high quality Pressed wood Pallet.