How to prevent mold on wooden pallets and packaging boxes


one. Treatment Measures to Prevent Mold in Wooden Box Packaging
1. Fumigation: This method is mainly aimed at killing insects in large packages for export, and the validity period is relatively short. It has little effect on the control of mold.
2. Heat treatment: There must be certain facilities, and the treatment cost is high, which can reduce the moisture content in the wood, but it cannot solve the fundamental problem.
3. Drying: This method can solve most of the problems, but the cost is expensive. Inspection-Free Presswood Pallet is your good choice.
two. Wooden box packaging, the cause of mold on wooden pallets
1. Wood: Wood itself is a thing attached to microorganisms. Wood fiber contains protein, starch, oil, cellulose, etc. It is a good survival point for these microorganisms.
2. Humidity: the humidity of the wood itself, the wood is less moldy when it is dry, and it is easy to mold when the humidity is high.
3. Temperature: The summer weather is hot, the temperature is high, and the mold multiplies quickly.
4: Environment: The environment is humid, the wood is prone to mold; the air flow is poor, and the rapid propagation of bacteria in a closed environment is more likely to cause mold.

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