How to identify the quality of non-fumigation wooden pallets


The production of fumigation-free pallet is due to its own high-temperature treatment, which can be easily directly fumigated and commonly used for export. How to identify the quality of fumigation-free pallets, I believe many manufacturers should know that the summary of care packages is less than the firm points:

1. The quality of fumigation-free pallet:
Product quality must rely on professional experience and advanced wood processing equipment, modern processing methods, scientific quality management system and rigorous work style, so that products always maintain high quality. Strict selection of materials is the key to ensuring the quality of non-fumigation pallets

2. Fumigation-free pallet performance:
After the double guarantee of craftsmanship and quality, the performance of the fumigation pallet will be the final process of testing whether the product is qualified, whether it can meet the needs of use, how many kilograms of impact, standard deformation, environmental protection indicators, and the moisture content of the finished product, but the manufacturer does not need to worry about it. Because the professional wooden pallet manufacturer designs very well.

3. Fumigation-free pallet process:
Because fumigation is a multi-link, multi-step processing of products, so the key process of professional wooden pallets, which determines the durability of wooden pallets, durability and service life. Each fan pallet must be processed by a special equipment and unique process to change the fiber structure of the wood, and at the same time effectively control the expansion of the wood, the wooden pallet structure is more stable and durable, and meets different climatic conditions.