What are the disinfection methods for fumigation-free presswood pallets


There are two disinfection methods for fumigation-free presswood pallets, there are two kinds of medicines and heat treatment. The medicines used are: methyl bromide and ethylene oxide. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. When the wooden package is heat treated, the center temperature of the wooden package reaches 56 degrees and keeps it for at least 30 minutes; for fumigation, the wooden package must be fumigated at the prescribed methyl bromide dose for at least 16 hours, and then placed in a ventilated place. At this point, the concentration of the fumigant should be reduced below the safe concentration.

2. The drugs used are: methyl bromide, ethylene oxide

(1) Stack the goods in the wooden boxes to be fumigated neatly, cover them with sealing cloth, and press tightly on all sides to seal them, but leave a small corner for medicine.

(2) Put a basin of clean water under the tarp and put the medicine in the water.

(3) First compress the reserved medicine opening, so that the goods that need to be fumigated in the wooden box are kept in a completely sealed state for 24 hours

(4) Open the cover to ventilate, remove the goods after the poisonous gas has dissipated, and fumigate for about 18-24 hours.

(5) Issue a certificate for disinfection of fumigation-free presswood boxes.

After any of the above methods, there must be a clear and long-lasting mark on the visual position of each commodity in the wooden box, on the front and back of each commodity, and this mark must be protected by the International Plant Protection. Recognition by the association to certify the handling specifications of wood packaging. The logo must include the logo specifically used for IPPC, the ISO standard country code, the number issued by the plant protection agency of the country to the wooden packaging manufacturer, and the letter abbreviation indicating the processing method.