Why use fumigation-free pallets


The pallet is a medium that transforms static goods into dynamic goods. Even if the goods are placed on the ground and lose their flexibility, they immediately gain mobility once they are loaded on the pallet, and become flexible mobile goods, which are widely used in logistics transportation. Generally speaking, all walks of life will use wooden pallets when transferring product equipment, but when exporting goods, everyone’s choice is different. Everyone chooses fumigation-free pallets instead of wooden pallets. You know this is why? What are the advantages of non-fumigation pallets than wooden pallets?

Let's first understand the fumigation-free pallet(presswood pallet). Fumigation-free pallets are relative to fumigation pallets. Untreated wood may contain insects and eggs, and the risk of introducing harmful organisms is higher. It will break the ecological balance of the importing country and lead to biological invasion. Agriculture and forest resources cause serious harm. In this case, many countries require fumigation of wooden pallets to achieve the purpose of killing insects; and fumigation of wooden pallets requires a certain amount of time and expense. Thus, the fumigation-free pallet appeared.
Compared with wooden pallets, the advantages of fumigation-free pallets are in terms of production materials, production processes, length of production time, appearance and quality, etc. The specific point is:
1. The advantage of fumigation-free pallets lies in the raw materials. Fumigation-free pallets use fumigation-free plywood materials, fiberboard or composite boards and plastics, etc.; wooden pallets are made of hard wood, poplar, pine and other solid wood for production and processing.
2. The advantage of fumigation-free pallets lies in quality. Compared with wooden pallets, non-fumigation pallets have the advantages of light weight, good structural stability, good anti-corrosion performance, toughness and not easy to break; while solid wood pallets are slightly better than presswood pallet in rigidity, but they are easy to break and are easily affected. Use of wooden pallets.
3. The advantage of the fumigation-free pallet lies in its performance characteristics. The top panel (top deck) of the non-fumigation pallet is mostly whole, which is more beautiful than ordinary solid wood pallets, has high pressure resistance, and has high load-bearing performance; it has good waterproofness and is not prone to rot and mildew, which can be effectively avoided Traditional wooden pallets have the disadvantages of wood knots, insects, color difference, and high humidity, and they are adaptable and suitable for use in many occasions.
4. The advantage of fumigation-free pallets(compressed wood pallet) is to save time. When exporting fumigation-free pallets, compared with wooden pallets, there is no need for disinfection, no fumigation, and free entry and exit, which is very fast and convenient; while for wooden pallets, fumigation is required before export, and fumigation takes time, and there is no time limit. The fumigation period of wood fumigation is 21 days.