What are the problems in the use of pallets?


01 The cost is too high
This aspect refers to the high cost of the circulation process, which also has a relationship with its turnover mode. From the research we can find that most of the enterprise's pallets are in the enterprise internal turnover, which also leads to many enterprises' products will go through many times of manual handling loading and unloading process operation, which will greatly reduce the efficiency and increase the corresponding circulation cost of the product, which also reduces the competitiveness of the product in the market.

02 completely does not play the advantages of the pallet
Because the pallet itself is a unitary logistics apparatus born to cooperate with efficient logistics, so that the pallet is the connection point throughout the various aspects of modern logistics system. However, in actual use, we will find that the pallet specifications are not uniform, thus causing the pallet can not be used in the circulation of the logistics operation chain, it is also only limited to the internal use of enterprises. In this regard, it can be said that the use of the pallet is relatively backward, it does not play its own advantages.

03 Pallet size
At present, the common domestic standard of logistics pallet is 1200mm×1000mm×150mm, but in the actual application, each logistics enterprise uses the pallet with different specifications and materials, which also causes, between the logistics enterprises to transfer the logistics pallet to each other there are certain problems. Furthermore, due to the need for automatic equipment, such as forklifts and aisle stacker tools in the racking warehouse system, the equipment forks have high precision requirements for the empty height dimensions of the internal logistics pallets. Therefore, the use of pallets has higher requirements for their performance, which can also ensure that the equipment forks can take and unload the logistics pallets normally.

04 Palletizing method
The palletizing method of pallets is in fact directly related to the size of the goods. Basically, overhead storage systems are equipped with automated depalletizing robots or electric forklifts. If you choose a reasonable and correct palletizing method, you can effectively improve the storage capacity of the overhead storage system. At the same time, it is more conducive to the efficiency of the automatic machinery for depalletizing.

05 Vehicle selection
For different tonnage of trucks, the height of the carriage is different. For different goods, the vehicle loading performance of the van should be fully taken into account, so as to achieve the purpose of making the best use of the material and compressing the cost. Also check the style and height of the unloading platform of the commercial logistics enterprise, so that the arrangement of the transport vehicle can be considered comprehensively. For the time being, commercial logistics enterprises it has two kinds of hydraulic unloading platform and fixed unloading platform, the former can choose the same height of the truck, while the latter must use the same height of the truck. Generally speaking, the dispatchable range of hydraulic unloading platform is between 0cm~30cm, which can be used with various trucks. Further is the pallet aspect, in order to improve the loading rate of the vehicle, it is necessary to use the gap between the logistics pallet and the carriage body to place some products in the short-distance logistics pallet intermodal transport.

06 can not be in line with international standards

On the current specification standard of pallet use is not completely unified, so our domestic pallet use will not match with the international means of transport (such as the international common container, etc.). In this regard, we can see that most enterprises in order to be able to adapt to the relevant international means of transport, when ordering pallets had to the pallet production enterprises and the enterprise turnover using inconsistent specifications of the pallet, which relatively appeared some defects, that is, the relative will increase the export costs of enterprises, but will reduce the competitiveness of products.

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